Grand Brook Memory Care

Memory Care that’s from the Heart

Grand Brook is more than a memory care community. We are family.

For more than 25 years, our Grand Brook family has passed down the tradition of faith, love and caring to families like yours with a steady, loving hand. At Grand Brook Memory Care, your loved one’s well-being is our primary mission. We are here to nurture our residents in body, soul and mind. We are here to be that kind, gentle community that provides you and your loved one the heartfelt comfort and assurance your family deserves.

Our Core Values


Our team honors each person’s individual needs. We will preserve the dignity of each resident and family through knowledge of their past and care for them as they would want their loved ones cared for.


Acting in an honest and sincere manner. Our employees will earn the trust of their peers and of the residents’ families. Our kind, loving team will understand the importance of this trust in a caregiving relationship.


Embracing all cultures, religions and beliefs. All our employees will hold in high regard our residents, their colleagues and supervisors regardless of differences in beliefs, culture or religion.


Understanding the effects of dementia and continuing to provide individualized care for each resident. Our employees will have compassion on you and your loved ones. Our family is committed to supporting and caring for your loved one throughout their entire journey.


Maintaining a nurturing environment through discussion and sharing of ideas. Our compassionate community leaders will initiate an open environment to express ideas, suggestions and concerns for every resident, family and employee. Our memory care assisted living team will work openly and honestly together and with each family to ensure our residents well-being.

Meet Our Leadership

Jane Anderson - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Chad Anderson - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Jamie Lopez - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Bill Anderson - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Jennifer Plunkett - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Candice Montoya - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Christina Voss - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Barbara Holland - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Ruben Lopez - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Stephen White
Anita Anderson - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care
Chad Anderson - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

Chad Anderson | President

Chad is the President of Constant Care Management Company and oversees all aspects of Grand Brook Memory Care and the financial stability and development of the company. Chad holds an Executive Master’s degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration-Marketing from Western Michigan University. Chad’s 24 years of direct, hands-on experience and commitment to operational excellence are invaluable and help to facilitate Grand Brook Memory Care’s “Generations of Caring” culture and environment.

Heart to heart with Chad…

What makes Grand Brook a “family”?
Just as family does life together, Grand Brook does work together – we trust, depend, and pick each other up when days get tough. I’ve been with Constant Care/Grand Brook for 24 years and I have celebrated my marriage at a Grand Brook, my MBA graduation at a Grand Brook, and the birth of all three of my children at a Grand Brook. That is “doing life together” for me with our Grand Brook family.

Name your superpower
Mine is helping people understand how valuable they are in our organization. I believe in servant leadership. Making sure my team has everything they need to be successful is my priority.

What advice do you have for family members?
Do your homework. There are lots of options out there and understand what will work best for your loved one. I believe tenured staff is one of the most important questions someone can ask.

Jamie Lopez - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

Jamie Lopez, RN | Vice President of Operations/Healthcare

Jamie Lopez is Vice President of Healthcare and Operations for Constant Care Management Company and has overseen the Nursing and Healthcare Division of our Grand Brook family for 20 years. Jamie is responsible for creating and monitoring all healthcare and nursing policies and procedures, developing and managing resident testing and assessments, establishing best practices, sharing current information through the company related to the most up to date research and advances in Alzheimer’s disease and other related dementias, and developing and conducting staff and RN training programs.

Jamie’s hands-on approach to management ensures continuity of the highest quality of care across Grand Brook’s communities and embodies the company’s family-oriented philosophy of care. She personally visits communities to monitor residents, meet with families, monitors current practices and care delivery approaches, meets with the nursing team, caregivers and other local staff members. Providing regular on-going trainings are also part of Jamie’s commitment to ensuring that all staff is educated on the up-to-date care practices and advances in memory care.

Dedicated to continual learning and improvement, Jamie remains up-to-date on the most recent research and recommendations for the care of aging adults and those with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias, as well as traditional medical care. She is actively involved in educating residents’ families to help them better understand their loved one’s situation and establishing support groups on the aging process, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Jamie is a certified national dementia trainer for both professional and non-professional caregivers.

Heart to heart with Jamie…

When you think of Grand Brook what images do you see?
The first image that comes to mind is the gathering of people. Images of sweet morning gatherings that join our staff and residents together singing hymns, praying the Lord’s Prayer, and reading the Bible. Images of a spouse sitting with the love of their life holding hands, talking about the day, or looking at photos. Images of some of the most genuine, brave, and loving caregivers and nurses sitting together with no words, just being together hand-in-hand, finding strength and peace in each other.

What makes your day?
My interactions with our residents remind me how powerful a hug and a smile can be! One day, a resident asked me how my day was and I replied with, “Well, it’s not been my day today.” His eyes softened as he looked straight at me and put his hand on my shoulder saying, “No, it’s sure not your day, this is the day God made, so make it a good day.” I mean, where else can you be surrounded by the wisest, most honest, and experienced people that can turn your day around with one statement. It’s a blessing to serve seniors.

What advice do you have for family dealing with dementia?
Allow yourself to feel of all the feelings that come with this journey, talk about them, and know it is okay to feel that way. This journey is a ride with ups and downs. Remember to enjoy the time together with your loved one. It’s okay to laugh and smile, it’s okay to do absolutely nothing and just be together, and it’s okay to take a break!

Bill Anderson - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

Bill Anderson | Vice President of Asset Preservation

Bill Anderson is the Vice President of Asset Preservation at Grand Brook. He oversees asset integrity and the overall health and maintenance of each property, while also providing operational support to all Grand Brook communities.

As a family man with a strong desire to help others, Bill focuses on family satisfaction and staff development to provide a healthy workplace and a loving home. Helping others started at an early age and was a motivating factor in his earning of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Western Michigan University. For Bill there is a certain satisfaction being able to work with people and assist families and their loved ones at all ages. He is committed to continually improving and developing Grand Brook Memory Care – a place many will call home in the future.

In his spare time, Bill cherishes the time spent with his wife and two children. He also enjoys coaching youth sports and serves on the little league board of directors in his home community.

Heart to heart with Bill…

What’s your super power?
My superpower is connecting with individuals with dementia.

What gifts do you bring?
Growing up around nurses, I have developed a strong understanding of dementia. This, along with my background in construction, allows me to support every aspect of our operation – from maintaining the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) functions to developing meaningful relationships with staff, residents and their families.

Have you had a loved one with dementia?
Yes, my grandmother. It reminded me to cherish and enjoy the time we have together until we can’t – and unconditional love is always needed.

What advice do you have for families?
Be involved, visit often in person or over the phone/internet, and trust the care staff to care for your loved one.

Jennifer Plunkett - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

Jennifer Plunkett | Vice President of Human Resources

Jennifer Plunkett is the Vice President of Human Resources for Constant Care Management Company. She oversees employment onboarding, training, workers compensation, benefits and other essential human resource responsibilities for all Grand Brook communities. Additionally, Jennifer is responsible for managing all capital improvements at the communities and managing capital budgets for all properties in operation. Jennifer communicates with staff regarding which design aspects to incorporate to create a beautiful, comfortable and safe home for the residents.

With an extensive background in interior design and graphic design, Jennifer supports the Grand Brook communities by researching and studying the latest techniques and design elements available to create an environment with a home-like feel conducive to the specific needs of those living with memory impairment.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Michigan University. Her 20 years of hands-on experience in the memory care field, along with her professionalism and caring heart is carried throughout her roles and can be felt in every Grand Brook community.

Heart to heart with Jennifer…

How would you describe Grand Brook?
It feels like home, and is a special place filled with people who are truly caring.

What special giftedness do you bring to your job?
It brings me so much joy to be working in a field where I can create the best possible environment for seniors with dementia. I love the challenges and creativity in designing for these individuals to create a place our residents call home.

What makes your day?
Knowing I have helped someone in some way.

Candice Montoya - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

Candice Montoya | Vice President of Finance

Candice Montoya is the Controller and Treasurer for Constant Care Management Company. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Accounting degree and from Southern Methodist University with a Master of Science degree in Accounting. She is a licensed Accountant and a member of several professional organizations for Accounting & Healthcare.

As Controller, and Treasurer, Candice is responsible for overseeing the financial reporting, cash management and daily accounting/payroll functions for the company. Candice’s responsibilities directly support the operations by managing all community business functions allowing our Grand Brook Memory Care assisted living teams to spend their time working with residents & families.

From her prior work experience as a Senior Auditor, Candice learned the necessity of implementing processes and controls to protect the integrity of financial information, and she brings this unique perspective to her position as Controller to maintain the company’s fiduciary duty and serving as a liaison between the communities and their investors to promote successful operations. She is responsible for continually updating current control measures and processes in order to not only protect the current properties managed by Constant Care but also to sustain future financial growth.

Christina Voss - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

Christina Voss | Director of Sales

Christina Voss is the Director of Sales at Grand Brook. She leads, guides, and supports the Grand Brook sales team and provides ongoing education and training to each Grand Brook Director of Community Relations. Christina’s focus is increasing sales effectiveness; developing a healthy sales process, monitoring sales metrics and expectations, analyzing competitor research, and strategizing with marketing and operations to help Grand Brook Memory Care assisted living communities achieve their sales goals. Christina has a big heart for serving and encouraging others. She embodies our Grand Brook family-focused culture and cultivates meaningful relationships with Grand Brook families and staff.

Heart to heart with Christina…

How is Grand Brook like a family?
Family looks after each other’s hearts and share a unique bond. Being a part of the
Grand Brook family, we share these same traits with one another.

What do you feel when you walk through the door?
Warmth, joy, and connection.

Share a special moment with a Grand Brook resident.
There was a gentleman in one of our communities that stole my heart from day one– he was a man of very few words. I would walk the community each morning and always made a stop in our game room where I would find him watching TV or cat napping. I would give him a kiss on the forehead and tell him I loved him. He would give me a big smile and nod–this was our routine for quite some time. One day, out the blue, after the ‘I love you,’ he opened his eyes and said enthusiastically, “You know, I LOVE you TOO, LuLu!” I was shocked and baffled. I had to know who Lulu was. I spoke with his son who could not believe it. He kept asking me “Are you SURE he said Lulu?” Yes, I remembered very clearly. His son told me the story–Lulu was his grandmother. They were extremely close. He often said she was like a mother to him. His son said he could not believe it but I must have reminded him of her. This is one story of many when I have been “someone else” a resident had a deep connection with-–what an honor (as our founder Jane Anderson says) to be known as LOVE.

Barbara Holland - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

Barbara Holland | Director of Quality & Training

Barbara Holland serves as Grand Brook’s Director of Quality and Training. She provides ongoing training and operational support to all Grand Brook communities. Barbara has nearly 20 years of leadership experience with Grand Brook Memory Care communities and is a beloved member of the Grand Brook family.

Heart to heart with Barbara…

What do you love about Grand Brook?
The images I see are all the residents’ faces. I love seeing their smiles, but sometimes it is their tears. Their eyes and faces are the insight to their lives and souls.

Is this a job or a calling?
For me personally I knew that God was calling me into Senior Living. I have a heart for the elderly and Grand Brook became my family.

What do you feel when you walk into a Grand Brook community?
It feels like HOME. The communities are designed to feel like HOME. But it is not just the building itself, it is the warmth and caring of the management and staff.

Ruben Lopez - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

Ruben Lopez | Director of Operations

Ruben Lopez is the Director of Operations at Grand Brook. He manages and supports all areas of day-to-day operations to ensure Grand Brook is in state compliance, as well as company compliance, and meets the level of quality we expect for our Grand Brook Memory Care assisted living communities. Serving in memory care for over 20 years, Ruben brings extraordinary wisdom, experience, and support to Grand Brook’s leadership teams.

Stephen White

Stephen White, RN | Director of Clinical Operations

Stephen White is the Director of Clinical Operations at Grand Brook. Additional description is forthcoming. Please check back.

Anita Anderson - The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

Anisa Anderson | Director of Marketing

Anisa Anderson is the Director of Marketing for the Grand Brook Memory Care communities. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and leads our company’s marketing efforts. In addition to planning and coordinating marketing efforts, Anisa builds brand awareness and works closely with the Grand Brook sales team to develop strategy and support lead generation efforts. She manages Grand Brook’s digital platforms, social media, advertising, and works closely with referral contracts and partners. Anisa is an ambassador for company culture, employee recognition, and oversees community sponsorships and marketing events. Additionally, Anisa manages customer relations and offers support to prospective families along their dementia journey.

Heart to heart with Anisa…

What is your superpower?
I enjoy lifting people up and recognizing them for what they do each day. It takes a
special kind of human being to serve selflessly in our communities, and I want our Grand Brook teams to feel valued and know how much we truly appreciate and love them.

What makes your day?
Celebrating the good. I honestly love the excitement when our teams celebrate the victories; whether that is a staff member winning the employee monthly raffle or the joy in someone’s heart after they’ve spent the afternoon at a baseball game with a resident. God’s goodness is all around us!

What do you feel when you enter a Grand Brook community?
Each community has a special place in my heart, and they all represent a unique part of our Grand Brook family. What really stands out to me is the beautiful heart/compassion and dedication that is alive in each community. We have amazing team members, and incredible families. There is a genuine sense of family, faith, connection, and love in each home. It’s really neat to see that culture, the same culture our family helped create 20+ years ago, carried throughout every Grand Brook community today.

What advice do you have for families dealing with this decision?
Do your homework. There are so many options today. I tell families all day long we can build beautiful buildings, and we do, but that is not what truly matters. It is about the people inside the community; our teams loving and caring for residents, treating them like their own family. Family makes a difference!

The Best in Memory Care Assisted Living | Grand Brook Memory Care

A Memory Care Philosophy Centered on the Individual

Our Grand Brook family is here to embrace your loved one’s individual needs, concerns, life history, relationships, and preferences. Our residents are at the center of all that we do.

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Chad Anderson – Constant Care Management Company President
“I appreciate being part of a family owned company that truly can say we put the needs of our residents first, and enjoy working in an environment where I am able to have a positive impact on the lives of seniors.”