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35 Years of Compassionate Memory Care

Grand Brook - Assisted Living

Philosophy of Care

The care provided to those with dementia must be individualized and reflect the individual’s concerns, life history, meaning, relationships, emotions, thoughts, current needs, strengths, and preferences.

  • Care of a person with dementia must demonstrate compassion and concern for the individual.
  • Care of a person with dementia must be directed at enriching the life of the individual through meaningful activities and relationships.
  • Care of a person with dementia must promote autonomy throughout all stages of dementia.

Our Core Values

Grand Brook and its employees adhere to the following core values:

  • DIGNITY– Honoring each person’s individual needs. We will preserve the dignity of each resident and family through knowledge of their past and care for them as they would want their loved ones cared for.
  • INTEGRITY– Acting in an honest and sincere manner. All employees will earn the trust of their peers and of the residents’ families.  Employees will understand the importance of this trust in a caregiving relationship.
  • RESPECT– Embracing all cultures, religions, and beliefs. All employees will hold in high regard our residents, their colleagues and supervisors regardless of differences in beliefs, culture, or religion.
  • COMPASSION AND COMMITMENT– Understanding the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and continuing to provide individualized care for each resident. Each employee will have compassion for our residents and their families. The Grand Brook family is committed to supporting and caring for our residents throughout their entire journey
  • HONEST AND OPEN COMMUNICATION– Maintaining a nurturing environment through discussion and sharing of ideas. The community leaders will initiate an open environment to express ideas, suggestions and concerns for every resident, family and employee. The Grand Brook team will work openly and honestly together and with each family to ensure our residents well-being and happiness.

100% Commitment to Dementia Care and Our Residents

Our Executive Directors are specifically trained in dementia care and 100% focused on your loved one. Our care model allows this position to act as more than a manager, they are also a caregiver. They keep careful watch over your loved one and communicate openly and honestly to you, the family member.

Our Executive Directors pride themselves in knowing each resident as an individual and understanding their needs and preferences. They are there to make sure your loved one’s requests are heard and honored.

Our Nurses are Dementia Care Specialists

Our nursing staff is more than trained RNs and LVNs. They are dementia care specialists. Each one has completed more than 40 hours of specific dementia care training. They have one priority: the well-being of your loved one. These highly trained nurses attend to the care of our residents 7 days a week. They are always just a call away and trained to handle most any problem.

From the first contact at the resident’s home for their initial assessment to the transition to our community, the nurse is there to manage the entire process. Our nursing staff is here to make this difficult transition easier on both your family and your loved one.

For families, our Executive Director and our nurses are only a phone call away. We understand that moving your loved one to one of our assisted living communities is a big decision. We are here to assist in any way we can. Feel free to call us whenever you have a question.

Call 469-964-5727 today to speak with a Grand Brook team member or to schedule a tour.

"I know that all assisted living and nursing homes are not the same. I also know that [Grand Brook] provides what my mother needs." John B - Grand Brook Grapevine