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The goal of Grand Brook Memory Care is to provide a holistic approach to dementia care. Every aspect of our community, from building maintenance to nursing, is committed to providing the best care environment for your loved one. You will have peace of mind knowing your loved one is surrounded by a highly skilled and compassionate staff ready to assist and deliver quality dementia care.

Every Grand Brook Team Member is trained in Memory Care

Every Grand Brook community team member receives extensive training in how to best relate to those with dementia. For instance, every member of our team from the housekeeper to the chef has successfully completed the Alzheimer’s Association CARES Training Program; where they learn how to read resident non-verbal cues and ensure safety at all times. You can learn more about CARES by visiting our Resources page.

Our Nursing Requirements are among the highest in the industry

Our skilled nursing staff receives 24 hours of in-depth memory care training upon hire and a total of 40 hours of additional training within the first 90 days of employment. Additionally, our Grand Brook nursing staff receives 2 hours of ongoing memory training each month. Medication Administrators receive the same nursing training in addition to a semi-annual advanced medication training.

Resident Assessments and Individualized Care Plans

Comprehensive assessments are completed by the Grand Brook nursing team prior to move in, within the first two weeks of residency, annually, and on an as-needed basis if a change in health status is noted. Along with your family’s observations, a resident assessment aides our nursing team in developing and maintaining a care plan that is tailored to meet the unique and individual needs of your loved one.

What exactly is a care plan? A care plan is developed in collaboration with the entire Grand Brook care team and the family to establish the needs and preferences of each resident and how the care team will meet those needs. It is the blueprint for each individual resident and is unique to each person based on their needs wants, likes, dislikes and goals.

Care plans are reviewed regularly during family care conferences. Grand Brook’s goal is to develop the very best care plan possible for your loved one.

Going the Extra Mile

For families seeking relocation for a loved one residing out of town or state, the Grand Brook care team will travel to the potential resident’s city to conduct an assessment. Our nurse will meet with the family and potential resident to determine if a Grand Brook community would be of benefit. Once the decision has been made to join a Grand Brook community, our team will caringly escort your loved one back to our community at no additional charge. Whether by plane, train or automobile, our care team will go the extra mile to help ensure the safety of your loved one!

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" What you do for your residents and their families every day is so incredible! There are just not enough words to thank you and we could certainly never repay you for the 21 months of caring for our parents. We will forever be in your debt." Love, Doug & Kathy E. and Joe D., Jr.