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Our Culinary Experience

As dementia progresses, your loved one’s appetite may decrease. This can present a major challenge for both the family caregiver and your loved one. This is why Grand Brook has carefully designed its Culinary Program to provide residents their preferred choices, as well as ensuring nutritional needs are met.

Nutrition is a Priority at Grand Brook

Our trained, professional Culinary Team prepares three delicious meals daily for our residents. The meals we serve are made from scratch, with the freshest ingredients. In fact, each of our Grand Brook communities use fresh, organic herbs grown in our very own herb gardens. The herbs are carefully tended to and cared for by our residents and then used by our chefs during meal preparation. Herbs are proven to increase the aroma of food while providing additional flavors, which have been found to aide in increasing the appetite of people with dementia. Every meal at Grand Brook is designed to appeal both aesthetically and to the taste.

A Gathering Place

The dining areas at Grand Brook are designed to encourage socialization and nurture friendships. We believe that mealtime is a time of fellowship and should nourish both the body and the soul. Families are always welcomed during mealtime. In fact, we encourage regular mealtime visits. We happily accommodate family gatherings such as birthday, anniversary and holiday celebrations, or casual coffee dates with your loved one.

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"My heart is so full and thankful for the beautiful memorial service you held. I only thought it was ‘ok’ until I saw everyone there. I knew we were blessed during our time with you, but I realized yesterday how truly BLESSED we were and still are with you all. Thank you for everything!" Our love to all,
Robert & Vickie T