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Saying Goodbye to a Loved One

Saying Goodbye to a loved one is hard, but don’t let it be a regret.

“All I was afraid of is saying good-bye.” ― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie

Saying goodbye forever to someone you love is probably the second most difficult thing that we have to do in life.

What’s more difficult than saying goodbye you might ask? Living with the regret of avoiding your loved one at the end of their life and not saying goodbye because it was too hard.
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Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to someone you love is never going to be easy, but here are some tips that can help both you and your loved one through this:

  • Never put off meaningful conversations
  • Dying people often have the ability to choose the moment of death, sparing loved ones by waiting until they are not there;
  • Realize that your loved one usually knows what is happening, so it helps to reassure them by telling/showing them you understand and are ready;
  • If your loved one indicates a need to talk about dying, go along and let them know you will be okay in their absence;
  • Help them feel free to go peacefully and let them know they made a difference in your life;
  • Often, it is said that hearing is the last sense to leave your body.  ALWAYS say what is in your heart;
  • There are no rules to follow…for instance, some people choose humor to express their goodbyes;
  • OR, you don’t have to say anything at all.  Just show up and BE THERE;
  • Touching, kissing, smiling, and gazing directly into your loved one’s eyes will communicate compassion, love and gratitude for the life you have spent together;
  • Remember, your presence and touch are precious ways to say goodbye with NO regrets;
  • Above ALL, the four most important messages dying people want to hear from their loved ones are:  “Please forgive me.”  “I forgive you.” “Thank you.” and “I love you.”