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Hospital Visits For People With Alzheimer’s Disease

Hospitalization for a person with Alzheimer’s disease is almost inevitable sometime during their life with dementia. Being properly prepared will help assure a more comfortable experience for your loved one.  The following steps will definitely ease the mind of the caregiver and the person with Alzheimer’s disease. 1.  Ideally, an early discussion between the primary […] Read More >>

Alzheimer’s and The Holidays

The holiday season can cause stress and sadness when celebrating with a loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Our expectations and desires are to have everything the way it has always been. However, this disease brings new challenges, such as a person who might be agitated more easily, or someone who is […] Read More >>

Alzheimer’s Disease Can Lead To Challenging Holidays

Holidays bring us together, but when a family is living with Alzheimer’s disease, these holidays bring certain challenges. We can still experience happy, memorable occasions, with careful planning and adjusted expectations Familiarize Others With The Situation Make a point of taking the time to familiarize other family members and friends with the changes that have […] Read More >>

How Diet Impacts Alzheimer’s Disease

 Suffering from Alzheimer’s disease is proven to be directly impacted by a person’s diet.  Most people are familiar with the Mediterranean diet, which promotes menus rich in fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, fish and chicken. Also, the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) is another guide to eating healthy. Combining these two healthy eating plans, Mediterranean-DASH […] Read More >>