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The passing of time is rarely kind to any of us. In fact, one of the greatest fears of many people is the coming of a time in which they are unable to care for themselves. Not far below that is the time where a loved one such as a grandparent or parent no longer recognizes us. It is important to remember that even though the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s may impair a person’s memory, it cannot remove the emotional ties between people who love each other.

At Grand Brook Memory Care in Springdale, our trained and experienced staff which specializes exclusively in this type of care will be there at all times to provide comfort, security and quality of life to your loved ones who may not be able to care for themselves from day to day any longer.

Caring for Those Who Once Cared for Us

It’s a cruel but true fact of nature that the circle of life will bring us back to taking care of the people who took care of us when we were helpless and feeble. Unfortunately, for those who live to older ages this is not an uncommon scenario. But what happens when it is the mind that slips away rather than the body?

Springdale memory care is not only a viable solution, it is a preferable one. Once surrounded in an environment that promotes health and wellness and interaction, residents begin to flourish in ways that are rarely seen under home care. The loss of mental acuity does not mean the end of life, even if they no longer remember many of the things that defined them in their younger years.

Compassion, Empathy, and Expertise

These 3 qualities are not only necessary to provide Springdale memory care to residents with dementia; at Grand Brook they are required. Each member of the staff at our facilities must complete 24 hours of in-depth training for memory care patients upon being hired, as well as another 40 hours during their first 3 months. Medical staff and administrators must complete even more advanced training semi-annually. All staff members engage in continuing education as well.

These courses not only give all of the employees the tools necessary to offer the specialized kind of care that is required to help with physical needs, but also mental and emotional ones as well.

Amenities and Nutrition

The philosophy at our Springdale memory care facilities is to make sure that residents are comfortable and at ease as much as possible, but also that they remain as active while still performing as many tasks for themselves as they are able. Caring for oneself is a huge boost to confidence and purpose. These things help to keep your loved one in the best mental state they can be in.

Mealtime is a very important part of the program at Grand Brook. Not only do we prepare three healthy and delicious meals per day, many of the organic herbs and spices used are tended to by the residents themselves in our own outdoor gardens. Numerous studies have shown that food with more robust aromas and flavors stimulates the appetite in people suffering from memory-related conditions. Of course, we also encourage loved ones to drop by during meals as this is a wonderful time for socialization.

Regardless of the reasons you may need to look into Springdale memory care for your loved one, the family at Grand Brook is always happy to welcome them into ours.

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