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Can a Healthy Lifestyle Help Reduce Dementia Later in Life?

A growing number of new studies suggests that dementia is not a normal aspect of aging, despite what many Americans usually believe. Research suggests that any person can use measures to reduce the risks of developing the symptoms later on. If one has hereditary predisposition for dementia, they may be able to reduce future cognitive […] Read More >>

Three Things That May Lessen Chances of Dementia

Many Americans associate dementia with old age. However, old age is just but one of other risk factors related to dementia. Though there are no proven approaches to prevent dementia, you may be able to take steps to reduce the risks. All of these facts and quotes are taken from an article published at, […] Read More >>

Seven Stages of Dementia

Experiencing memory loss can be a scary experience and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have noticed this symptom and a change in actions, speech, thought process, or feelings in yourself or a loved one, consider seeing a doctor. Those are potential signs of dementia, so it can be worth checking. Dementia is a medical condition […] Read More >>

Unexpected Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease is the most frequent type of dementia. This disease destroys the nerve cells in the brain. It is a gradual illness that starts with little memory loss and progressively gets worse over time. The parts of the brain that manage thinking, memory, and communication are affected by Alzheimer’s […] Read More >>