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Eradicating the Stigma Associated With Dementia

  As we continue the goal of changing the perception of dementia and how it impacts the people we love, these are a few of the necessary steps to be taken: 1. Taking legal action is a must when a person is diagnosed with a mental illness, such as dementia.  Provisions of guardianship, powers of […] Read More >>

Erasing The Stigma of An Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

The diagnosis brings feelings of shame, frustration, denial and a lack of understanding as to what the next step should be.  Thus, there is an overwhelming need for the Alzheimer’s community to join forces with other groups who are already fighting for the rights of the disabled. As a community, we need to take action […] Read More >>

Managing Medications and Alzheimer’s

  There can be multiple medications prescribed to a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. It can be very difficult managing the multiple medications that can be prescribed to a person with dementia, especially when more than one medication is being prescribed.  The following is a guide to help you better manage […] Read More >>