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Find The Best Memory Care CommunityIn 15 Steps

Learn the best way to discover the perfect place for your loved one directly from senior living community experts – for FREE.

This guide has been compassionately developed by the team at Grand Brook Memory Care. With over 35 years of memory care experience, we understand the difficult decisions families face when searching for and selecting a trustworthy memory care community for their loved one. It is not easy knowing where to start, or finding a community that delivers a nurturing environment; one that embodies faith, love and quality care. Our goal is to be a resource and help families find peace-of-mind in their research and decision process. We hope your family will find the information in this guide to be informative and useful. As caregivers, we want you to rest easily knowing your loved one is cared for, content and safe.

Chapter 1 – Is a Memory Care Facility the right decision right now?

  • Where to go when dementia is suspected
  •  Next steps after diagnosis
  • Types of dementia care

Chapter 2 – How to get started on choosing the right Memory Care Facility

  • The quicker the better
  • The most important factor in choosing a community
  • How to choose your shortlist
  • How to find a great facility

Chapter 3 – What to look for when visiting a Memory Care Facility

  • Type of Community
  • Ownership
  • Staff Qualifications and Experience
  • Facility Environment
  • Nutrition
  • Community Access
  • Group or Individual Needs
  • Short and Medium-term Needs

Chapter 4 – About Grand Brook

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